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Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is the primary competitor’s selections free rugby World Rugby. Other competitions are additionally rugby World Cups: the ladies’ Rugby Globe Cup and the Rugby World Cup 7.

This sporting event has been held every four years considering that 1987 in two stages: a certifying stage, in which around 120 national teams are presently getting involved, and also a final phase, at an offered place ahead of time, in which 20 teams participate over a month as well as a half.

The honor is the Ellis Webb Cup, called after the rugby developer, William Webb Ellis. The current globe champions are the Springboks (South Africa), who won the tournament held between September 20 as well as November 2, 2019, in Japan.


The United States Olympic rugby group, which joined the 1924 Paris Olympics as well as won the Olympic gold medal.

Before the look of the Rugby Globe Cup, worldwide tournaments in between teams were currently being held and also are still being hung on the margins of the Globe Mug. Among the oldest and also essential is the Six Countries event, which has been held since 1883, although it was initially played just among the 4 British Isles teams (the so-called Home Countries: England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland). In 1910, France joined the, then, Event of the 5 Countries, and also already in the year 2000 the choice of Italy.

In the southerly hemisphere, the equivalent of these competitors is the Rugby Champion, which is held annually amongst the selections of New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and also given that 2012 was integrated the Argentine nationwide team, which has stayed blessed location since the last decade in world competitions.

Rugby union was additionally played worldwide at the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900, London in 1908, Antwerp in 1920 and also again Paris in 1924. France won the gold medal in the first edition, Australasia, in 1908 and even the United States nationwide group in Antwerp 1920 as well as Paris 1924. Rugby was ultimately gotten rid of from the Olympic program, till the XIII International Olympic Board Congress re-approved its inclusion in the 7sevenmethods.

In addition to these official competitors, the rugby maintained the practice of conducting excursions of the teams of the northern hemisphere versus selections of the southern hemisphere throughout the month of June, being the primary one that made the British as well as Irish Lions given that 1888. Groups from the southern hemisphere return the checkout traditionally during November.

First efforts.

The idea of organizing a worldwide rugby competition was suggested several times before the suggestion finally materialized. In 1947, Alfred Eluare, then president of the French Rugby Federation (FFR), shared the concept of a significant tournament in which teams from both hemispheres took part. This concept was denied by the International Rugby Board, which called it “madness”.2 in the 1950s, Australian gamer Harold Tolhurst also recommended the concept of a World Rugby Championship.3 again, in the late 1970s, an additional FFR president, Albert Ferrasse as well as Costs McLaughlin, president of the Australian Federation, resumed the proposal. In the case of McLaughin, he offered the plan for a Globe rugby event on the celebration of the occasions by Australia’s bicentennial. The IRB, nonetheless, turned down any kind of initiative for a Globe rugby tournament.

Origin of the event

The Rugby World Mug was developed in late 1983. The Australian Rugby Union and also the New Zealand Rugby Football Union wrote each a letter suggesting the development of independent world rugby to hold the competition: The Rugby World Mug Limited (RWC Ltd.). In 1985, the IRB determined that the very first tournament would happen in New Zealand as well as Australia 2 years later, in 1987, with the participation of 16 selections.

The Impact

The Rugby World mug is one of the biggest sporting occasions on the planet, after the Summertime Olympic Gamings and also the FIFA Globe Cup, completing in viewership with the Globe of Athletics as well as the World of Cricket.